We provide you with your own web portal where you can instantly send offers to thousands of local consumers!

Create Digital Offers

With a few clicks you can create digital offers where consumers present the offers from their phones at the time of purchase.

Video & Voice Based Offers

With your phone or a designated employee's phone, you can create instant video or voice based offers which you can send instantly to every local Buckworm users mobile device!

Manage & Monitor

All offers can be made to be active within any period of time! You can also view purchase and offer redemption statistics.

At No Cost

With Buckworm as long as you have just one active Card Linked offer, all your advertising is free!  

We fund Causes

When our referred customers make purchases, Buckworm automatically funds schools/nonprofits!

Support local causes

Now you can support local schools and nonprofits by growing your revenue rather than donating it!