We provide you a portal where you simply login from any device ( PC, tablet , laptop, phone etc) and you can easily manage all your supporter contacts!

Here are some of the most powerful features!


Reach your on-the-go supporters using our powerful communication tools. Instantly connect with your contacts right from your portal or your Buckworm mobile app! You can connect via app notifications, texts, calls, chat and video & voice broadcasts!

Promote Events

Whether you want to promote your fundraising event and/or sell tickets to your supporters or to the public via Eventbrite, the worlds largest event promotion platform, you can now do it all from your Buckworm portal!

Sport team or scouts?  Any club, team, class room that puts out a schedule can now also do that through Buckworm!

Promote Your Website

Have a website? Great! Simply cut and paste your web page URLs! Your supporters will instantly be able to access them from their mobile app!

Sell Fundraising Merchandise

You can easily advertise and sell your fundraising items! Easily create offers or advertise items for sale. Your supporters can view and purchase in their mobile app or on the Buckworm website!


You can directly solicit donations! Easily send a text, app notification, video, or use any of the other communication methods our platform supports. Your supporters can donate instantly using multiple digital payment options!


No need to use excel or pay for a system to organize your contacts and messaging! Buckworm provides a powerful and free contact and messaging system! Simply upload your contacts and instantly start connecting with your supporters!

So much more and more is coming! 

Email us with any questions or just give a call!